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RKG INTERNATIONAL FZC is a family owned business with its Headquarter in UAE. RKG is an ISO 9001/2015 Organization and also part of ISRI, BIR, BMR, AQSIQ, DUNS (DNB), IBPC, and MRAI. RKG is a multifaceted International Company which has been expanding exponentially & recycling all Grades of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.

RKG International strives to be an environmentally responsible company and recognize the impact that our activities may have on the environment, people, and communities in which we operate, our customers, our supply chain and broader society.

Our Products

RKG International offers a wide range of products. RKG International is a one roof solution - "ONE STOP SHOP" for your finished goods & recycled material requirements. RKG always endeavors to improve our export processes and capabilities for providing quality assured products on a timely basis.

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We have a world-wide presence and representations with administrative office in Dubai, UAE.

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Environmental Protection
Energy Efficiency & Go Green:

Recycling metal waste diverts it from landfills and incinerators, and companies like RKG by recycling metals help to discourage the illegal dumping of waste. RKG encourage reusing obsolete metal in manufacturing which in turn saves energy, reduces the use of natural resources, and cuts down on emissions of greenhouse gases. At RKG we follow three golden rules of sustainability which is reduce, reuse, and recycle. By recycling metals we are preserving the natural habitats and giving Earth a chance to grow and heal. RKG follows the GO GREEN option by recycling ferrous & nonferrous metals.

People Welfare

RKG believes that people are the key driver for the company’s success and the sustainable value that RKG generate and share with our employees and our community.

Health & Safety:

The safety, health and protection of our employees and visitors is the prime concern of our operations. By monitoring compliance and conducting regular audits, inspections, drills, and management reviews, RKG International FZC continuously strive for improvement to instil a strong safety culture.

Training & Education:

RKG INTERNATIONAL FZC Management takes up periodic training which helps to improve employee performance and in turn helps in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff.

Business Prosperity
Strong Governance & Business Ethics:

RKG is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance which integrates ethics, corporate integrity, and best practices. RKG believes that the corporate reporting and overall integrity plays a very important role in the success of the company thus we follow the reporting processes, such as conducting external audits of the company. RKG maintains an open-door policy and encourage employees to report suspected violations of the Company Conducts.

ESG is no longer a choice it is imperative and RKG believes to achieve sustainability we need to Support and promote the sustainable trade of recyclable materials to ecologically sound companies across the globe.